General McChrystal Told Pompeo To ‘Muddle Along’ In Afghanistan, Leaked Audio Reveals (Task & Purpose)
Based on leaked audio from a semi-private talk given during his book tour, I reported that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the former commander of all NATO forces in Afghanistan, had recently advised Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that his “best suggestion” was to keep a limited number of troops in Afghanistan so they could “just kind of muddle along and see what we can do.”

Exclusive: Video, Leaked Documents Cast Doubt On Navy SEAL Allegedly Stabbing ISIS Fighter (Task & Purpose)
An article about the Article 32 war crimes case against SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher, based on video and documentary evidence I obtained, which revealed more detail about the alleged ISIS victim, and what the Iraqi soldiers thought of Gallagher.

Exclusive: The Insider Attack In Syria That The Pentagon Denies Ever Happened (Task & Purpose)
An account of the Feb. 17 shooting of a U.S. Marine by a member of the Syrian militia he was supporting, which was based on interviews with multiple sources, military award documents, and scant details released by the Pentagon. My reporting told these Marines stories for the first time, and led to the official investigation of the incident being publicly released by U.S. Central Command.

John Chapman Died Alone On A Mountaintop Fighting Al Qaeda. Now He’s Getting The Medal Of Honor (Task & Purpose)
A long-form article which broke the news that Air Force Technical Sgt. John Chapman would receive the Medal of Honor from President Donald Trump. The article, which recounted Chapman's heroics on March 4, 2002 during a mountaintop battle in Afghanistan, was published four months before his award was officially announced by The White House.

Exclusive: 2 Marines Received Valor Awards For Secret Gunfight Against Al Qaeda In North Africa (Task & Purpose)
Article on a previously-unreported battle between U.S. Marines in northern Africa and al Qaeda militants that took place on Feb. 28, 2017, based on award citations and an interview with a spokeswoman for U.S. Africa Command.

This battle between US Marines and ISIS has largely been kept secret — until now (Business Insider)
The story of how Marine Maj. David Palka and his Marines deployed into northern Iraq and set up a remote artillery base in March 2016.

The Marine Corps' nude-photo-sharing scandal is even worse than first realized (Business Insider)
An article revealing the existence of a previously-unreported anonymous message board, where male active-duty military service members from all branches were sharing naked photographs and cyberstalking their female colleagues. This was published days after journalist Thomas Brennan revealed the existence of a Facebook group called "Marines United" that engaged in similar behavior among active-duty and veteran Marines.

This man built a cutting-edge stealth boat for the US Navy. Then the government tried to put him out of business. (Business Insider)
A profile of serial entrepreneur Gregory Sancoff, who designed and built a cutting-edge boat to cope with a problematic issue the Navy was facing. Instead of buying it, however, the service allegedly balked at a contract and issued secrecy orders on his company's patents, making it impossible to sell to others.

The Anonymous 'war' on Donald Trump is a complete disaster (Business Insider)
One article in a series on the efforts of hacker collective "Anonymous" to infiltrate or take down websites associated with President Donald Trump.

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