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More Secure Contact Methods:

When choosing your method of contacting me, it is important to understand where you might go wrong and inadvertently expose your identity in the process. I recommend the EFF’s Surveillance Self-Defense page for help.

To contact me, you can send an email to For encrypted email, please use the PGP fingerprint: 0CA0 6424 E782 71BC 1057 EA87 94EF FBA8 8948 80

You can also reach me securely by phone, via text message or call, using the Signal app with the number (863) 430-8726. You can learn more about Signal, which offers end-to-end encryption, here. Please note: I will not answer calls to the above number from unknown callers outside of Signal.

Don’t know how or care to use encryption? Go to a library or internet cafe, get a burner email address, and email me that way. Be advised: Since your message will not be encrypted, its contents can potentially be intercepted and read by adversaries. If you just want to send a one-time email or some files, Guerilla Mail is a good option.

You can also send me a direct message on Twitter at @paulszoldra.

If you prefer to use snail mail, you can use the following address: Paul Szoldra, 2377 S. El Camino Real, Suite 220, San Clemente, CA 92672